The Corpus of Ingrian Finnish

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Inkerin murteiden korpus

Inkerin murteetIngrian Finnish dialects


The corpus of Ingrian Finnish dialects was collected by the University of Joensuu (the predecessor of the University of Eastern Finland). The corpus contains about 100 hours of audio files and transcripts of the interviews of Ingrian Finnish speakers in the territory of Ingria (Russia) and in Estonia.

The recordings in Russia (about 70 hours) were performed in 1993-1997, and those in Estonia (about 30 hours in total) took place in 1990-1996. The interviewees are middle-aged or elderly speakers of Ingrian that were born in the 1900s-1940s.

The corpus is not yet available, since it is currently being constructed and reviewed by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland. The material will be made available later at

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