OpenLogos Bilingual Dictionaries

The OpenLogos bilingual dictionaries (English-French, English-German and English-Italian) contain the following linguistic information: part-of-speech (POS), gender (GEN), number (NUM), morphological paradigms (PAT) for source and target words, head word (HEAD) in multiwords, homographs (HOMO), auxiliary (AUX), alternate word (ALT), causative verb (CAUS), reflexive verb (REFL), and aspectual verb (ASP). In addition, they contain semantico-syntactic knowledge (SAL), a three-level interlingua-style hierarchical taxonomy with over 1,000 elements, embracing all POS. SAL represents the conceptual formalization of things, ideas, relationships, dispositions, conditions, processes, etc., as described in the SAL Tutorial of the Learn Logos application, available with the OpenLogos software.
Each bilingual dictionary contains over 80,000 entries. Verbs, nouns and adjectives are the most represented classes. We believe that they are useful for machine translation and other natural language processing applications.

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